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"Writing" assignment by: Ilham Efendy Aqilians

1.The characteristics of Argument essay
2.Main point of the case
a.The main argument of USA suing the Cooperative
3.The Court’s decision
4.Various aspects of the case
Smoking cigarette is hazardous to your health. Several years ago, a united states government study was realize that linked the intake of tar and nicotine, found in cigarettes, with development of cancer in laboratory of animals. The evidence was over whelming that united states government required cigarette manufactures to put warning on the outside of each pocket of cigarettes, which yes, “warning

: the surgeon general has determined that cigarette smoking is hazardous to your health. “ Aside from the most serious and dreaded disease, cancer, cigarette smoking also can aggravate or promote other health problems. For example, smoking can increase the discomfort for people with asthma and emphysema. It can give one a “smoker’s cough” and contribute to bronchitis. Finally, resent studies have shown that cigarette smokers are more susceptible to common cold and flu. Whether you get an insignificant cold or the major killer, cancer, smoking cigarettes is hazardous. Is it worth it?
(L. Smalley and K. Ruetten. Refining composition skill, Second Edition. New York: Macmillan publishing Company. Page 8)

2. The Characteristics Of A Narrative Essay:
1. Plot
2. Character
3. Setting
4. Climax
5. Ending
The narrative essay format
1. It has no restrictions considering in what person is should be written, nevertheless, often it is written from the first person and therefore the “I” sentences are allowed.
2. This type of essay is to make a deep emotional impression on the reader through the technique of using concrete and sensory details as the dominant of the paper.
A memorable event in my life
I’m supposed to free write for ten minute about memorable event in my life. I don’t know what to write about. Maybe about my brother’s boat accident. We were so scared. We though he was going to down. He was trapped under an overturned bout and didn’t have any air. To breath. But ended all right. He was rescued and only had a broken arm. What else can I write about? Oh! Know. A day I always remember was the day I left my country to come to the united states. That was a sad/happy day. I felt sad and happy at the same time. Maybe I should write about something happy. Our family vacation lust summer was fun. We drove to coast and camped for a week on the beach. Then there was the day the day earthquake happened. Now that was definitely a member event. I will never forget it. I was at home with my older sister little brother.
(Oshima, Alice. Introduction to Academic Writing, Second Edition. Longman: page 25)

3. Writing a characteristics of description essay
• A certain experience
• A special memory
• An interesting place
• One person
• A thing/object
Descriptive essays outline
• Taste
• Smell
• Sight
• Sound
• Touch
The Stairway
By Toshiki Yamazaki
When I was on two or three years old, I lived in a house that had a strong atmosphere. I don’t remember enything about the house except the stairway. It was dark, squeaking, and quite narrow,. From the bottom of the stairway, it seem like an endless climb to the top. Beyond the darkness at the top of the stairway, there was a middle-aged, elegant lady leaning against the wall. I had to pass her every time I went to my room. For my room was the first room from the stair on the second floor. The lady was beautiful dress with quiet pattern and a tinge of blue, and peaceful eyes stared at me every time I went up the stairs.
(Oshima, Alice. Introduction to Academic Writing, Second Edition. Longman: page 49)

4. Persuasive essay format
The characteristics of the persuasive essay format are:
• A deep preliminary research
• Logical argumentation
• Evidence supported by reliable sources
• Additional necessary facts to convince the reader
• Clear reasoning
• Plausible arguments and facts
Persuasive essay structure:
1. Introduction
• The opening statement
• The thesis/the idea of the essay

2. Body paragraphs
• the point of argument
• the explanation of the argument
• facts/evidence that support the idea/thesis
• a small summary leading to the next argument

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