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Employee of the Month Analisis Movie

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When I watch Employee of the Month’s movie I hear some soundtracks that make me interested to continuo watching it, one of them is "Kiss You All Over" that Performed by Exile and Nicolas Chinn. This kind of movie (genre) is comedy and romantic. I like it very much about it. So there are many characteristics in this movie, such as Zack, Amy, Vince, Lon, Glen Gary, Jorge, Semi, Glen Ross, Russell, Dirk, Granny, Greeter (Jerry), Gene, Grumpy Lady.
I saw this too at a sneak preview and I was not disappointed.

Zack is a really funny guy and this movie showed it. I liked the story line and their characters. I noticed that Amy only had like 20 lines and they probably just used her to sell the movie with the posters. Vince was funny as the bitter rival for Zack. Lon was refreshing as was the rest of the supporting cast. The Napoleon Dynamite dynasty keeps expanding with Jorge 's take on Vince's sidekick. The story was great and there are many funny scenes in this movie that makes it cool to work at one of those stores. Great movie, good laughs! I'd watch it again. There are some little twists to some parts of the movies and the end is alright, could be better though. Over all, good movie.
Vince Downey is the head cashier and winner of 17 consecutive Employee of the Month awards at Super Club. If he wins one more Employee of the Month, he will be put in the Super Club's Hall of Fame and win a new car. Zack Bradley, who is the ultimate slacker, has been working at the Super Club for 10 years, and is still at the bottom job, working as a box boy, Then Amy enters the picture; she is a new cashier transferring in from another Super Club store. Amy has a reputation of dating men who have won Employee of the Month at the other store, so Vince and Zack want to date Amy. The fight is on to win Employee of the Month! Douglas Young.
I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed at several witty lines, especially one where Zach corrected Vince's grammar, but Vince didn't get it. Even Jessica Simpson didn't bother me because they didn't try to inflate her intelligence; they just made her a rather bland character.
The plot isn't original, but watching Vince pretend he was Tom Cruise from Cocktail made me laugh. When I watch this sort of movie I want to laugh and I did just that. Dane Cook was a pleasant surprise too. I had never seen anything with him. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie even though I didn't think that I would.

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